Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Old Friend, New Name

Well, we've known the existence of dromaeosaurids from the Hell Creek Formation from tooth fragments, but whether Dromaeosaurus lived alongside Tyrannosaurus or not was not proven yet. Not until know. These tooth fragments didn't belong to Dromaeosaurus, but it was for sure a dromaeosaurid.  Now, we finally have conclusive proof, that dromaeosaurids lived alongside the King of Dinosaurs. Meet, Acheroraptor temertyorum, the geologically youngster dromaeosaurid to date. Bizarre thing I realized. Dromaeosaurus is a dromaeosaurinae, (well, duh) but Acheroraptor was a velociraptorinae. This still means that dromaeosaurinae's did not live with the King, but hey, at least we got velociraptorinae's living with him.

So, I think this finally proves the depiction in Walking with Dinosaurs (TV Series) of dromaeosaurids living with Tyrannosaurus. However, instead of the bulky Deinonychus like skull, it had a more Velociraptor like skull, because it was a velociraptorinae.

I should mention, that my obscure species post will be the first of many, and the next ones will feature many new guys, including Zalambdalestes, Acheroraptor, and the unnamed Antarctic Sauropod (which I will identify for namesake as Antarctotitan), and the unnamed Australian spinosaurs (for namesake, Australospinas).

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