Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Walking with Dinosaurs Japanese Trailer

A new trailer for Walking with Dinosaurs has been released, and is available on Youtube. It is such a shame that it looks so awesome, but the fact that there will be voices just makes me angry. I am for sure buying ear plugs. And of course, they could have done Gorgosaurus with feathers, but I will justify this since Yutyrannus existance was not known at the time the models where made.

It is a real shame that they had to do this, but I guess we don't get what we want. Let's just hope this is successful enough to warrant a sequel that won't be like this.

Here is where to go to see the trailer. Intense, but just childish. I apologize for being such a pendant, but I guess they've missed what could have been an awesome movie. I'll just pop in the original series this weekend and eat a bowl of ice cream, and I'll be all set.

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