Saturday, November 16, 2013

Grimm; Season 3, Episode 4 Review; One Night Stand

The Little Mermaid

Last week, we had no new Wesen, and a little disappointing storyline. This week, we had a great storyline, a totally new awesome Wesen, and good action. 

I loved the new and very interesting Wesen, the mermaid-like Naiad. The females look very pretty, with deep blue eyes. On the other hand, the males look ugly and mean, with bright orange eyes, and sharp nasty teeth.



Apparently, Naiad males are born sterile, and because of that, female Naiad's must mate with humans in order to continue the species. Because of this, it is considered that all Naiad's are half-Naiads. There are old traditions of Naiad males being uncomfortable to have a human raise their own young, and the punishment of that is cutting the webbing between their toes and fingers. However, not many Naiad's follow the old tradition, but in this episode, a pair of males from Alaska are following the old traditions, and try to cut a female, but Nick and Hank arrive to kick their asses down (sometimes literally). 

Also, it seems like Nick has a new superpower from the Cracher-Mortel toxic spit. He was underwater for far longer than ever before, and when he returned to the surface, he looked gray and cold again. How long will the zombie hangover last?

Overall I give this episode a 8/10, because of the introduction of a new and awesome Wesen, and new mythology, and great action scenes. 

Next week's episode looks scary as hell, and I love that. El Cucuy? Apparently it is a "real" legend, the Spanish version of the Boogeyman. I have a feeling this episode will be creepy. I had a similar reaction when looking at the trailer of La Llorona. That trailer alone scared the hell out of me, and the episode itself is one of the very few times I actually got scared watching this show. I will never again watch that episode at night. I hope I get the same thought from El Cucuy in two weeks.

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