Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grimm; El Cucuy Review

This episode begins with a unique quote. First, it is seen in Spanish, and then in English. It reads "Sleep child, sleep now... Or else the Bogeyman will come and eat you."El Cucuy is the Spanish version of the bogeyman, but is known by different names in other cultures. Now, this post does not contain many spoilers, so read on.

I didn't immediately get the reaction I did from La Llorona, but after the episode, I can feel the effect. I can't stop looking behind my back. Then again, I don't like being in the house alone at night. I got scared, and now I like the episode more because it scared me. However, no other episode of Grimm will be scarier than La Llorona. I couldn't sleep for a week. Even though I don't believe in El Cucuy, ghosts, demons, or any supernatural entity, it still scares me.

The one thing that didn't go into detail was if El Cucuy was Wesen or not. It hears the cries of help from many miles away. Maybe it's a Wesen that has supersentive hearing, but are there other El Cucuies out there? Well according to El Cucuy itself, it's known by many names, and has been in cultures around the world for centuries. I don't think El Cucuy is a Wesen. I think it is another supernatural entity. Not a ghost, not a demon. I don't know.

And I thought that this week's creepy episode was just a brief pop in of creep in Grimm, but next week looks even creepier. A case of demon possession, with a boy who woges into a... well, I'm not sure. And for the first time in a year, I couldn't sleep till 4:35 am because of Grimm.

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