Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grimm; Cracher-Mortel Biology

So, for people who know what a Cracher-Mortel is, than you will follow along great. For those who know what Grimm is, even better.

So, as it turns out, my favourite Wesen are usually those who spit something in people's faces. As an example we have Jinnamuru Xunte, a fly-like Wesen from South Africa and Kenya, which blow red hook worms into peoples eyes, and then feeds on their tears, and the worms cause blindness on direct contact, and then grow, until they eat out the eyes and there's only worms sticking from their eyes. Delicious.

Jinnamuru Xunte

Anyways, one of my other favourite Wesen turns out to be the Cracher-Mortel, a pufferfish like Wesen, who spits a green substance that includes tetrodotoxin, paralyzing the victim and putting them into a death-like state, similar to Lazarus-Syndrome. Before I go on, Lazarus-Syndrome is a real phenomenon, although extremely  rare, with only 38 known cases. For more, click here

So, what exactly happens when a Kehrseite gets a face full of this stuff? Well, it seeps into the victim's skin and shuts down the neurosignals of nerves and heart cells and causes the suspended animation stage, making the victim appear dead, when they are actually alive. Then, they wake up. In this trance like state, they are controlled by the Cracher-Mortel and do whatever task the puffer fish man desires them to do. They have a higher pain tolerance, and are in a constant rage. 

This entire process is called Dammerzustand. Fancy name huh? 

Well, what happens when a Grimm gets hit with this painful dose of green stuff? In the first two episodes of Season Three, we get to see what happens. They wake up much earlier than a Kehrseite (the Wesen name of a regular human) and the Cracher-Mortel can't control them. Being Grimms, they become much, much stronger than normal, and keep their reflexes and incredible fighting skills. This is evident when Nick was trapped in a barn, and Monroe, Renard, and Hank tried to subdue him (with Monroe and Renard in their Wesen forms, nonetheless) but to no avail. However, when cured, unlike regular humans, Grimms react more differently. Occasionally, they will turn gray and appear dead, and their heart rate will stay slow and the same, even if they are running and doing things to try to keep their heart rate up. And apparently, in the next episode, it will allow them to hold their breathes underwater much longer, but it is unknown what other effects there are. I guess time will tell. 

The reason why I prefer Cracher-Mortel and Jinnamuru Xunte over other Wesen is that they have actual (of course their not real) biological explanations behind their acts. I hope to see another face spitter soon. 

Too bad he died in the 'The Ungrateful Dead'. Same goes for Eric Renard.

For those who await my dinosaur posts, I am currently getting permission to use some artwork, and once I get that I'll post about new Teratophoneus material and Lythronax, most likely will be tomorrow. 

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