Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grimm, Season 3 Episode 3 Review; A Dish Best Served Cold

That is the opening quote for last night's episode of Grimm. For anyone who doesn't know this TV show, this is a good place to start. Anyway's I'm going to gone on now. So, the episode begins with Nick on a treadmill, while doctors monitor his heart rate. No change to the heart rate, no matter how fast he goes. Wow.

We then go to Raven & Rose and join Monroe and Rosalee on their date. After hemming and hawing a little, Monroe finally asks Rosalee to move in with him, to which she replies yes. Then they admit their love for each other for the first time. Then, an old friend of Monroe's arrives, Sam and his wife. By the way, there are SPOILERS galore.

That was just the set up. Now I'll go quick. A Blutbad has his stomach bloat, and grow and he climbs up into a tree and his stomach explodes.

This episode basically brought back the old feud between Blutbad and Bauerschwein. This meant that while no new Wesen where introduced, we did re-introduce the feud, first seen in the Season 1 episode, "The Three Bad Wolves".

This episode could have been better. It just lacked some sort of action. However, I did thoroughly enjoy it, especially when Monroe completely lost it and wanted to kill that Bauerschwein. However, some scenes where just implausible, especially the set up where a TONNE of Blutbaden cornered chef Ostler, and the scene where Monroe and Nick play fought was hilarious. I totally thought they where actually fighting! "You will never stop us," {dies again}.

Overall I give this episode a 7/10.

And I think I'll close on a quote by the Captain.

"And this little piggy went to jail."

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