Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grimm: Here Comes Trubel

So, three episodes combined into one post. First up:

Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen:
The addition of a new Grimm is absolutely fantastic. This girl is totally off the wall in that she kills every Wesen she sees on sight, and thinks what she see's isn't real. Nick's interactions with her were very realistic, and he knows he needs to be her mentor, so that she doesn't kille every Wesen she spots. It was a great episode, and Viktor gave away the biggest plot twist of the season. Also, incredible playground fight scene, awesome job Toboni.

My Fair Wesen:
So, continuing from the last episode, "Trubel" now stay at Nick's house while he mentors her. Also, the Wesen of the week, is not new, but still different. It is the leech-like Lebensauger (literally "life sucker", in German) who runs a shoplifting operation, in which he has three girls (one of whom is also a Lebensauger) and shoplift clothes for him. This leads to my inappropriate comment. Fucking creep! Before he turns into the slimey minion of Cthulhu, he just induces fear in the most incredibly creepy way, something I just can't describe. Then, he woges and gives you love bites around your mouth and neck, leaving toothy ring marks and no blood in you. When Trubel finally fought them, I was very happy. She kicked ass, and that Cthulhu minion deserved every punch, every kick, every ounce of pain she painfully put on him. Also, she does need training. Then, randomly, some old guy coughs and holds one of the SEVEN KEYS!!!

The Inheritance:
One of my favourite episodes of the season. Trubel kicked ass, old guy was awesome, and Steward is still a bastard. As it turns out, the old dude, is another Grimm! He also have a ton of Grimm Diaries and stuff, including one of the seven keys. I was very upset that they completely ignored it until now,  but I'm okay now. I loved the scene in the hospital room. You have teen Grimm (Trubel), middle-aged Grimm (Nick), and old Grimm (Rolek). Then, the fight scene in the parking lot was awesome. Trubel fights alongside Nick and Hank, until they kill two of the Verrat dudes, and then she kicks ass, and when she randomly threw one onto the ground, then they notice she's there. Followed by smashing the others head into a car window. Now that Nick has two keys, he will now be much more targeted, and more heads will roll.

The season finale, Blond Ambition, is in two and a half days! I reallt can't wait, then I have to wait four months until Season 4. Until then folks!

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