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Grimm: "Highway of Tears" & "The Grimm Who Stole Christmas Dual Review

I couldn't get a chance to write about the next few episodes but I will with these two. I'll just briefly put my thoughts on the other episodes before I get to the two newest ones.

The Last Fight

This episode was good, not great, but good. I loved the Schinderdiv, and the final fight scene at the end made the episode more interesting.

Dyin' on a Prayer

For once, we finally have a non-Wesen.... Again. The Golem was very nice, and I liked Trubel's interaction with David. If I chose which Golem I would want, from Supernatural or Grimm, I will choose Grimm's any day.

Cry Luison

This episode was supposed to explain schizophrenia in a whole new way, but I didn't like the end explanation. However I liked the new wolf-Wesen, though with the enormous ears it looked more like a fennec fox than a wolf. I also was glad they brought back the key storyline for a moment, and brought Josh back.

Highway of Tears

This episode was downright awesome. First off, there actually is a place called the Highway of Tears. It is in British Columbia, I think route 406, and many women have been murdered or disappeared from there the 1990's to 2011. This episode shows that Portland has its own Highway of Tears, also on route 406. Now I think the naming of the episode was intentional.
However the main topic of the episode was Nick's regrimming. Renard's mom has made the potion to reverse  what Adalind has done to Nick. This episode Juliette and Nick finally decided to do it. So, Juliette was Adalind, and they had sex. What was nice is that they had fun with it. It wasn't awkward for them, they seemed to enjoy it in a strange way.
Meanwhile, Renard's mother, Elizabeth, left. It was kind of sad, because Elizabeth was great, and I really enjoyed having her on the show. Or maybe it's because British people are so cool. Whatever the reason, I want to see her again. It seems like we will, as now she is joining the hunt for the Royal baby, though she just wants to see her granddaughter. Also, she mentioned Malleus Malleficurum, Hammer of the Witches. I learned that from Supernatural first.
Meanwhile, it seems like Chavez won't leave the show, even when she doesn't appear. She didn't appear in this episode, but we did see an agent of hers, this Pflichttreue named Mann, who was watching Trubel. I hope we see Chavez again, because I want to know what this organization is that she belongs to.
And finally, the case of the week. Every three years, Phansigar's, a komodo dragon like Wesen that appears to be a variation of the Skalengeck, kidnap a young couple, then sacrifice them to Kali. They use their long tongues to choke the poor couple into silence, then bury them alive. What is interesting is that now it appears that the first case Nick worked on was Wesen! Even when he was human he had the weird cases. And the big reveal, Rudyard Kippling was a Grimm! I actually never heard of him until this episode.
And now back to Nick. After having sex with Adalind/Juliette, nothing happened. But then things started. At the precinct, while some people were trying to restrain an angry perp, Nick saw him, but he could see his whole face woge. Some distortion in the jaw and the teeth kept changing back and forth. I was in shock when that happened. So something is happening. Later, when digging to find a welded model of Kali at a crime scene, Nick heard them hit the model as if he was right there. So, he got his super hearing that he gained from the Jinnamuru Xunte back in Season 2 Episode 15 back. And then came another surprise. When he Monroe, and Hank came to the salvage yard, and Hank and Monroe tried to get the kidnapped people from the pits, Nick turned gray. Zombie gray! He got his zombie powers back! Oh, but that was nothing compared what came next. The two Phansigars brought Nick, delirious and unable to react, to their father, also a Phansigar. The father woged, and then Nick saw his face! He saw his face! HE SAW HIS FACE WOGE!!! What followed is probably the most memorable series of quotes from Nick. "You're done." At this point I giggled like a fangirl. The Phansigar, JP, wrapped his tongue around Nick to choke him, but oh, you are so stupid JP! Nick unwrapped the tongue from his neck without much effort, and then sent JP off the screen in a single frame with a well aimed uppercut to his chin, and, in the process, ripped off his tongue! He got up, and the other two Phansigars woged.
"You're a Grimm."
"Yeah. I am." And then Nick proceeds to kick ass in a way that we have not seen him do in a while. The Phansigars never stood a chance against him! So, there you go, our Grimm is back! Yay! Oh, and Josh also came.

The Grimm Who Stole Christmas

Last night's episode was good fun. It was by far the funniest episode of this dark, dark series that has aired yet. It was a bit early for them to air their Christmas special, but I thought that this one, and their last Christmas special, were both great. I loved, loved, loved, the Kallikantzaroi! These little guys were so much fun to watch, they were almost meant to be comical! These little Wesen are actually teenagers of Indole Gentile, another type of Wesen, but as they grow they turn from goblin to benign Wesen. From Christmas decoration trashers, to, I don't know, Greek people?
There were several incredibly funny moments in this episode: 
1. When Nick and Hank go to a house that is having their house trashed, one of the goblins is on the roof, and throws an ornament at the two detectives, but misses, falls, and slide off the roof! Then, Nick and Hank come to check on it, and it gets up, and leaps onto his back, followed by Hank just knocking it out!
2. "Hmmm. Now there is actually a reason for fruitcake."
3. Rosalee smacking one over the head with a frying pan.
4. "We need the whole truck."
Overall, Kallikantzaroi are one of my favourite Wesen. The rest of the episode was great too. However, when Trubel learned Josh wanted to go back home and fight the Verrat, Trubel wouldn't let him go alone. It was very sad to see her go, but I am sure she will return soon. Overall, and very nice episode, and it looks like next week will be even better!

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