Saturday, August 23, 2014

Spinosaurus Is Weird

This tiny picture is all that we have for the new Spinosaurus. This dinosaur never ceases to amaze me. It is most well known in that is beat up Tyrannosaurus in Jurassic Park 3, and of course, that fight could not have happened like that for multiple reasons, and these new discoveries seem to make it even more implausible. It turns out, Spinosaurus had a dip in the sail, sort of like Ichthyovenator. What is also shows is the arms are small, but the legs are tiny, yet probably robust. It would seem implausible that such a huge animal was supported by tiny legs like those. It would make it do a face plant on land, but in water it seems like the best way to get around. The feet appear to be small, so maybe not swimming, but possibly walking on the river bed. This shows that Spinosaurus really is more aquatic than we ever assumed.

To counterbalance the heavy front end, it would need a massively long tail. So, it seems like it was more than just semi-aquatic. However, that leaves a burning question: how could it have walked? If its feet were tiny, how? was reading a discussion on the Dinosaur Toy Forum about this, and some people gave some suggestions of how. As said above, it could have had a long tail to counterbalance it. Another person gave the suggestion of maybe it splayed its legs slightly to spread its weight. I find the former more plausible, but the feet are small. However it did walk, it would look awkward, and otherworldly.

But, this is not really news. It has been online for about a year now, but for some reason finally became big this year. A few interesting things as well. Paul Sereno, who discovered the new remains, said that the above picture is inaccurate. So, that begs the question, what is inaccurate about it? Did its sail not have an impression? Were its feet actually normal sized? That we won't know, until the paper can be published. Until then, we will continue to speculate the habits of this remarkable creature.


  1. For starters, the beast is a chimera. Many parts from many creatures, some only distantly related and others more-or-less imagined. One look at the front paws and any fool can see they are meant for neither walking nor swimming. The hips and legs are taken from a sub adult, other components from more mature animals, hence not only a chimera, but also a dwarf.

    Try, try, try again....

    1. Possibly, however it is almost certain that Spinosaurus spent the majority of its time in the water, and that was known even before this new discovery.