Saturday, December 14, 2013

Grimm, Season 3, Episode 7; Cold Blooded Review

Sometimes, Nick encounters a Wesen that is just so freaking powerful, you wonder if he can take them down. Then again, Nick is just badass enough to take on anyone. This episode is an example of just how far Nick really has come in terms of his fighting skills. Back in episode 1, when he tried to help Aunt Marie while they were attacked by a Reaper, Nick just didn't have good reaction time, didn't know what type of maneuvers to do to counteract the attacks his enemy threw at him (sometimes literally).

This episode, it seemed like he has unleashed his fighting skills in a tremendous way. If you remember episode 2 of season 3, "PTZD", Nick, as a zombie, took on Renard, Monroe, and Hank and was able to overpower all three without any problem. They are all very strong men. In this episode, Nick had to save Hank, who was kidnapped by alligator like Wesen called Gelumcaedus. Nick was forced to bring the two Gelumcaedus brothers their brother, who was arrested, or Hank dies. Nick gets there, and begins to free Hank, but suddenly, he is surrounded by three Gelumcaedus, all woged, all intent on killing him. To keep in mind, at the beginning of the episode, we saw one easily pick up a young man by biting his arm and lifting him up,  and then shaking him around viciously and ripping his arm clean out of his socket. It is virtually impossible to escape this Wesens nasty bite. Luckily, Nick has an arm shield with a hidden blade to keep his arm safe.

So, Nick is able to hold onto his own against three of the most powerful Wesen introduced this season, and they just have no idea who skilled he is. Nick has killed two Reapers, a Mauvais Dentes, a Nuckelavee, and four Hundjager. He's made a lot of heads roll onto the floor. So, yes, Nick just basically used almost no effort in taking on these monster Wesen. He is badass after all.

Along with the fight scene, the episode itself was wonderful, the scenes in the sewers where very dark (sometimes too dark) and made you feel as if something is going to leap out at any minute. I really though Wu was going to be attacked. He is just found a severed leg instead.

My only complaint was that the scenes, even in day time, were still way too dark. I am unsure why the lighting is so dark, but it is something I haven't noticed before, just this season. I hope they fix it sooner or later. Or it's my TV.

I also like that we learned just a few more bits of mythology. So, Gelumcaedus are some of the oldest known Wesen, and Grimm's go by other names in other cultures, such as Decapitare, which Nick apparently likes, as that's basically all his ancestors did.

I am going to review the Christmas special next featuring Krampus. And two hours of Grimm was really worth it, for what I call fantasy night. First I see the new Hobbit movie, and then two hours of Grimm. Awesome!

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